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Due to the pandemic the production units suffered supply chain issues in the manufacturing sector and due to visitors not coming to Pondicherry the sales dropped and therefore a financial crises arose. We regret to inform you that you may find many items out of stock. Please bear with us for this deficiency and place your order for the items that are available to help the units survive. You may also chat with us online with the help of our chat-bot if you want any item that you may find out of stock. We will get in touch with the manufacturer and see whether that item could be made available.

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Aspiration Incense sticks

50 Sticks Aspiration Incense
10 Sticks Aspiration Incense

These charcoal free incense sticks are made out of pure natural tree saps and have antibacterial and antiviral medical properties, without any type of chemicals. When burnt, the smoke clears toxins and harmful micro-organisms from the atmosphere.

The incense sticks are of 20cm in length and are packed in eco-friendly paper packets. Each incense is created with unique natural extracts mixed with saw dust and rolled onto bamboo sticks.

Sri Aurobindo’s 150th Birth Anniversary

Unisex Round Neck T-Shirts: Regular fit, Half sleeve without Pocket. Material: Fine Cotton. Print: Sri Aurobindo’s 150th Birth Centenary Logo. Care Instructions: Machine wash cold with gentle cycle only, dry low, warm iron if needed, do not iron on print.

Sri Aurobindo’s 150th Birth Anniversary T Shirt

Laboratoires Senteurs

‘Senteurs’, in French, signifies ‘Fragrance’. This name was given by The Mother to the perfumery department of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, which started in 1958. Udar Pinto and Kusum worked for it. Kusum dedicated herself to this new venture, which demanded patience, hard work, knowledge and a nose to create. With Mother’s grace and guidance the department grew in time and today it is one of the most visited and appreciated boutiques in Pondicherry.


Weaving Department

Hand-weaving is the method of forming a pliable plane of threads by interlacing them rectangularly: the process of passing the weft between taut, alternately raised warps, as in the basic weave, or between other selected warps, and pressing it into place. One of the most ancient of crafts, hand-weaving still survives today because of the innovation that it allows in design. Hand-weaving began in the Ashram in 1940.

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Marbling Group

The marbling of paper is an ancient art first practised in Japan in the ninth century. Completely realised by hand, it consists in producing certain patterns and effects by means of colours on water. A piece of paper or silk is laid on the water, so that the flowing patterns get imprinted on it. The marbling unit in the Ashram started as a hobby in 1965.

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Auro Pharma


Auro Pharma is founded by Prof. (Dr.) R.V.K. Rao and Prof. (Dr.) Mrs. Vimala Devi with the main motto of providing an alternative system of medicine with the help of natural resources to mitigate ill-health particularly with the ever increasing global awarness of the side-effects of the synthetic drugs.

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