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The marbling of paper is an ancient art first practised in Japan in the ninth century. Completely realised by hand, it consists in producing certain patterns and effects by means of colours on water. A piece of paper or silk is laid on the water, so that the flowing patterns get imprinted on it. The marbling unit in the Ashram started as a hobby in 1965.

Marbling was introduced to the Ashram in 1942. Many Ashram artists experimented with it and the Hand Made Paper factory began producing marbled stationary.

Some sadhaks experimented with this art form and offered marbled handmade paper to the Mother. In 1965 the Marbling Group also was making stationary, but the urging of friends and the encouragement of the Mother, began adapting the process to fabrics, most especially silk. As it was widely appreciated, the Mother permitted the sale of these products. From 1970 onward the unit took up work on a big scale with the production of sarees, scarves, stoles, ties, kerchiefs, dress material and dupattas on pure silk and pure silk chiffon, for sale locally and abroad. Over the years it has developed and refined its techniques with the result you now see around you.

Today marbling has developed into a fine art form to which the Marbling Group has undoubtedly the credit of having added certain refinements, apart from having been among the first to adopt the process successfully to silk fabrics.

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